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With your Tongue down my Throat

in case of e'mergency i nødstilfælde

smock (hospitals-)skjorte

re'covery room opvågningsstue

poke stikke

awkward-looking med et kejtet udseende

squat besat hus

reckon regne med

herb urt

shabby lurvet

Women's Sup'port Group støttegruppe for kvinder

Blake William Blake (1757-1827)var en engelsk forfatter og billedkunstner. Det omtalte billede forestiller den engelske fysiker Isaac Newton (1642-1727), der blandt andet fandt frem til tyngdekraften.

Alex'ander Method en teknik der giver øget kontrol over kroppen og dermed større velvære

Su'zuki Method en metode

radical yderliggående

tosspot drukkenbolt

re'cord nedfælde

biro kuglepen

script manuskript

giggle fnise

diary dagbog

squeaky knirkende

trainers joggingsko

dustbin affaldsspand

Dr Martens skomærke, oprindeligt arbejdsfodtøj



Doris Lessing: A Retrospective
By Jan Hanford
Information on Doris Lessing and her writing. 
Features an extensive biography, a chronology, her book covers, publication details, interview excerpts, a list of her periodical publications, short stories, and more. Jan Hanford demonstrates her own talent and passion for Lessing in this remarkable detailed and informative treatment. Her collection of materials provides not only an introduction for readers just discovering Lessing but a treasure trove for fans.

A Guru By Night
The New York Times
Review by Clark Blaise of Hanif Kureishi's The Buddha of Suburbia, published in The New York Times on May 6, 1990.

Coming of Age in England When India Was In
The New York Times
Review by Michiko Kakutani of Hanif Kureishi's The Buddha of Suburbia, published in The New York Times on May 15, 1990.

He Could Never Be Like Everyone Else
The New York Times
Review by Michael Gorra of Hanif Kureishi's My Beautiful Laundrette and The Rainbow Sign, published in The New York Times on May 4, 1986.

Identity Crisis
The New York Times
Review by K. Anthony Appiah of Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album, published in The New York Times on Sept. 17, 1995.
London Review of Books

An edition of the British literary magazine. The site is searchable by reviewer, subject and keyword. Find your author here.

London Tourist Board Sophisticated presentation of visitor information about London, England.
Offers customizable listings of accommodations, restaurants, attractions, events, sports and outdoor activities, stores, tour operators and sightseeing excursions, air and ground transportation, business meeting and convention services, and banks. Also features similar materials for London's boroughs, as well as maps, photos, tourism statistics, and extensive links.

London City Guide
Time Out Group
Extensive visitor materials for London, England, from Time Out, publisher of international city guides. Provides listings for accommodations, art galleries and museums, entertainment venues (comedy, music, dance, film), transportation services, pubs and restaurants, shopping, and sports and outdoor recreation, as well as listings of particular interest to families with children or to gays and lesbians.
Also features wide-ranging resources concerning business, religion, women, students, people with disabilities, embassies, post offices, and banking, plus suggestions for out-of-town excursions.


London Transport
Extensive materials on London's Underground (tube) and bus transportation systems. Provides maps and details on fares, visitor Travelcards and bus passes, airport connections, and accessibility for disabled passengers. Presents clear instructions and advice useful for tourists. Also offers a transportation brochure in about a dozen languages and related transportation and tourist links.

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