Characteristics of an interactive internetBook:

  • A book-like structure, including a table of contents
  • Multimodality – texts, pictures, readings by native speakers, video clips, animations, interactive exercises and quizzes etc.
  • Allowing for on-going revision
  • Responsive design ensuring equal access from any digital device, i.e. PC, Mac, Android or Apple smartphones and tablets
  • Including an eBook version of the non-interactive material for off-line usage
  • A note taking function – notes can be made directly in the material, saved, shared and used off-line
  • A mouse-over glossary
  • A search function with all our internetBooks as the search reference
  • Offers additional, online resources for teachers and students.

Our setup enables us to extract the non-interactive content of an internetBook and produce it as a paper book. So, we produce educational material media-independently – providing the material and the media the user wants. We use our specially designed version of Typo3 as the CMS for our internetBooks. For further information about our production setup, please read the presentation of Systime Solutions.