Design your own digital courses

Systime’s CourseBuilder is a learning tool, which enables the teacher to become a learning architect, who can tailor learning paths and courses for his/her pupils. 

By use of the CourseBuilder the teacher can combine elements from various internetBooks or other types of digital material, so they constitute an entire course, which can be shared with classes, groups of pupils and colleagues.

The teacher gets access to the CourseBuilder via MyAccount (Systime’s user management system). 

By using the CourseBuilder the teacher can insert the following types of material to form a new digital course: 

  • Elements - combine elements from various internetBooks (pages, interactive quizzes and videos etc. )
  • Notes - write instructions to pupils and course participants (such as learning goals, course overviews, metacommunication etc.) 
  • Videos - insert video clips from internetBooks or from YouTube
  • Illustrations - insert photos, graphs and other types of illustrations 
  • Websites - link to websites and other online resources
  • Tasks - define a task for the pupils
  • Other types of material - refer to passages or chapters from other books or articles at the Internet.

Having constructed a course the teacher can share it with the pupils by a link, which can be placed at the intranet of a school. Additionally,  with the CourseBuilder the teacher gets access to a “digital group tool”, which enables the teacher to form specified groups at class level to make the digital administration of the pupils easier. This “digital group tool” can be used with the CourseBuilder and it can also be used separately just to share interactive quizzes.