Founded in 1980 Systime has produced multimedia based, educational material for the upper secondary level since 1984. The long term multimedia focus led to a strategy of database production and publishing in 2008. A strategy chosen to meet the challenges of educational publishing – such as a need for updates due to continuously revised curricula and societal changes.

By now Systime is the most advanced publishing house with regard to digital, educational material in Denmark.

All our educational content is in a database – always updated, multimedia based and with the option of publishing it digitally or on paper. Our digital educational platform we call an internetBook. Within a short period of time the internetBook has become a huge success at the upper secondary level, where we cover all subjects. You can visit our webshop to see for yourself.

We want to develop the best possible multimedia content for the world of education. From experience we know that the best result is achieved through co-creation with our users. Additionally, we work in an internationally comprehensive manner, when we plan and develop new initiatives.

Nationally, we are part of the Gyldendal concern.

Internationally, Systime is a member of EEPG – European Educational Publishers Group.

Hanne Salomonsen

Managing director

+45 26 20 88 27